CORE Portfolio

CORE styles utilize our unique, internally-developed baseline illustrations and concepts as a foundation for each video we create. For this reason, you’ll see some elements that carry over from one video to another including general layout and positioning choices, commonly used illustrations and iconography, as well as certain methods of onscreen movement. However, that is not to say that these styles are not flexible. They are. You’ll also notice a very diverse range of colors, fonts, voiceovers, music selections, and much more – often customized to fit the specific branding requirements of a given client.

Motion Graphics w/ Photos

The videos in this category utilize a blend of motion graphics and photography. Photos can consist of stock imagery and/or imagery provided by you (the client). One benefit of this approach is that stock imagery is typically more budget-friendly than stock video. It’s also one of our most popular styles.

Motion Graphics w/ Video

The videos in this category utilize a blend of motion graphics and live-shot video. This can include stock video, video content provided by you (the client), or video content shot separately by Levitate’s live video team. Note that including live-shot video is typically more budget-intensive than including static photography.

Motion Graphics w/ Illustrations

The videos in this category are fundamentally similar in design to our motion graphics videos that include photos and live video, minus the photos and live video. The beneficial trade-off is that this style of video leaves more room for including additional iconography, conceptual illustrations, and/or software-based screenshots. While great for any topic, this style is noticeably popular among technology companies, where proper conceptualization is critical.

Motion Graphics w/ Characters

This style is fundamentally similar to our illustrative style with the addition of set pieces (scenery) and full-bodied characters, which do not typically appear in our illustrative style. Some restrictions do apply in regard to number of total characters onscreen, amount of character movement, and complexity of character design. Ask your Levitate representative for details on what is or is not applicable for this style!

Whiteboard / Hand-Drawn

Whiteboards are traditionally black and white in design, but Levitate CORE whiteboard designs tend to be a bit more varied. Some of our designs include the traditional onscreen ‘hand’ while others don’t. Some styles we utilize, also, are fairly colorful. Talk to us to learn more about what is or is not included!